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Experience, synergy and strategy

create our special opportunities

Our Approach

Checkmate Capital combines the ownership of cash flow generating assets, commercial and transaction advisory services and facilitation of international licensing opportunities to create or advance special situation investment opportunities and partnerships.

We pride ourselves on a disciplined and rigorous approach to selecting investments, providing advisory services and sourcing licensing opportunities.

Our Team

We are an experienced team of investment, transaction and finance professionals with members having worked for industry leaders including Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, UBS, DFJ Ventures, Kemper Securities, Panasonic, Samsung, and Milbank LLP

We possess a powerful international network of strategic partners, business talent and commercial resources.

Our Portfolio

The diverse experience of the Checkmate Capital team allows us to invest confidently across a range of industries including bio tech, ag tech, waste and energy.  Our broad spectrum of investments and strategic approach allows our portfolio companies to realize additional value by creating synergy among them. 

Meet the incredible companies with whom we are proud to partner.

The Checkmate Advantage

Checkmate Capital is an investment and cross-Pacific strategic advisory group managing family office assets with a global commercial and industry-specific network.  Checkmate Capital's primary areas of investment are biotechnology, life sciences, medical technology, agriculture technology, and energy technology.  Our team provides seasoned expertise in our focused industries, leveraging an international group of strategic partners, business talent, and resources.  

Headquartered in Pasadena, California, Checkmate Capital has a team of professionals able to provide seasoned expertise in Checkmate Capital’s focused industries, leveraging an international group of strategic partners, business talent and resources.  Checkmate Capital’s strategic oversight facilitates synergistic relationships among our portfolio companies as well as technology licensing in territories instrumental to the success of our portfolio companies.

Our ability to offer commercial and transaction advisory services to our portfolio companies further aligns our interests with theirs, pointing all stakeholders toward a shared successful outcome.


Our main office is located at the historic landmark building at
595 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 530 in Pasadena, California.


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