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Global Reach, Strong Local Presence

We provide strategic advisory services to both U.S. and international companies.  Through our subsidiary Checkmate International Asia, we focus on cross-border transactions between the Asia-Pacific region and North America.
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Checkmate Korea

Advising top-tier Korean corporations

Clientele includes KT Corporation, Hanwha, Handok Kalos, Samoh Pharmaceutical and others.


Partnered with leading research institutions

Partnered with KAIST to accelerate their tech venture portfolio’s global growth.


Selected by Korean government ministries

Selected as a TIPS operator (Tech Incubator Program for Startups), administered by Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups in partnership with KAIST Venture Investment Holdings.


Global marketing capabilities

Affiliated with WIT Unlimited, a leading domestic marketing consultancy whose clients include Samsung and Hyundai Motors.

Checkmate Korea
Clients, Partners and Affiliates
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