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Our Thesis

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World Changing Companies and Technologies

While Checkmate Capital invests broadly across several sectors, we tend to invest in technologies that have the potential to define industries and change lives.  From impacting the soils of our planet, to improving the mental health of children, world changing technology is a consistent pillar of our investment thesis. 

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Elite Management Teams

At Checkmate Capital, we believe that the team is as important as the product.

As an early stage investor, we are highly engaged with our portfolio companies and therefore place the utmost importance on the quality of the team.  We target companies whose teams have demonstrated an ability to nurture and grow their companies. Checkmate Capital supports these companies by offering our broad industry expertise and extensive business networks and resources.

Examining Crops
True Differentiation 

The more likely you are to differentiate yourself in a market, the greater the chances you will amass more market share over time.  We look for investments which have a true technological advantage over others in the field and a talented team pushing it towards their vision of the future.

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Large Addressable Markets

Market opportunity is a critical metric for assessing the long-term viability of an early stage company.  Typically, we invest in companies that are targeting  a market of at least $500 Million (smaller in special situations) although we realize too that many early stage companies are opening up or defining new markets that are not easy to quantify.

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Aligned Towards Mutually Successful Exits

While we are open to the spectrum of exit strategies, the ship sails best when all members of the team have the same end goal in sight.  We go out of our way to align ourselves with management so that all stakeholders are working together toward a mutually successful exit.

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