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Advisory Services  |  Asset Ownership  | Investment Capital

Checkmate Capital is an advisory and investment group that specializes in biotechnology, energy technology, and agriculture technology.

We partner with and advise companies in these sectors that have reached an inflection point in their growth and are positioned to disrupt large addressable markets.  We utilize our team’s extensive operational, financial, and legal experience, honed at leading global institutions, to develop and implement growth strategies for our advisory clientele.  As a privately-held group, we can, and often do, invest our own funds in our clients’ ventures, which increases alignment and focuses all stakeholders on the best long-term outcomes. 

With team members throughout in North America, East Asia, and the Middle East, as well as flagship offices in Los Angeles and Seoul, we create opportunities for our advisory clients and portfolio companies to access new markets, acquire new customers, and partner with reputable commercial and financial groups around the world.  We pride ourselves on the high-quality transactional support and guidance we provide to our client and portfolio company management teams as they execute on these opportunities.


The diverse experience of our team allows us to engage confidently across multiple sectors with large addressable markets that are poised for growth and disruption. 


Harnessing biomolecular, cellular, and biological processes to develop breakthrough products and technologies to improve our lives and combat debilitating diseases.

Agricultural and Waste Technology

Increasing the efficiency, productivity, and safety of agricultural practices, leading to higher farm yields using fewer resources, reducing waste and environmental footprint, reducing pesticide use, and improving animal health and welfare.

Energy Technology

Making the extraction, transportation, storage, and use of energy more efficient, safe and environmentally responsible.

Diversified Technology

Focusing on a wide array of highly innovative technology-focused solutions to problems with large addressable markets.

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