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Earth Holdings Acquires Austin Landscape Supplies

Acquisition to be Integrated with Organics by Gosh to Provide a Leading Presence in the Greater Austin Area for Organic Soil Products and Waste Recycling Services

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earth Property Holdings, LLC (d/b/a “Earth Holdings”) is pleased to announce its acquisition of WKP Enterprises, Inc., (d/b/a “Austin Landscape Supplies”), a Texas-based soil and landscape materials company.

Founded in 1986 by Kenneth “Patrick” Whittlesey, Austin Landscape Supplies is a manufacturer and wholesaler/retailer of a wide selection of compost, soil and mulch products. It sells its eco-friendly products and other aggregates to landscapers, contractors and the general public through its retail site north of Austin. Austin Landscape Supplies is also certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) as a manufacturer of playground mulch for schoolyard and other surfaces.

With two facilities strategically located in the rapidly growing City of Georgetown, including an 8-acre retail site on I-35 and a 28-acre manufacturing site, Austin Landscape Supplies’ operations will significantly expand Earth Holdings’ product portfolio (particularly the IPEMA-certified mulch products) and geographic reach in central Texas. The company’s 35+ year history has established Austin Landscape Supplies as a prominent retail and commercial brand in the greater Austin marketplace.

“The acquisition of Austin Landscape Supplies supports Earth Holdings’ strategy of growing our specialty soil and organic waste businesses by diversifying our product offerings into mulch and aggregates and at the same time adding a significant retail presence. We plan to integrate the company into our Organics by Gosh operations and pursue a range of synergistic opportunities to deliver more value and service to our customers in the greater Austin market,” stated Earth Holdings’ CEO Kevin Bolin.

Tom Paschall, Chairman of Earth Holdings, added, “We could not be more thrilled to add Austin Landscape Supplies to the Earth Holdings sustainable soils portfolio. Following last year’s relocation of Organics by Gosh to its new, permanent facility east of Austin, the acquisition of Austin Landscape Supplies is a natural and strategic extension of the Earth Holdings platform. The additional scale, product diversification and location advantages of this company all fit perfectly with our overall investment and operational strategy. This acquisition was a prudent deployment of capital and we expect to harvest the benefits for years.”

Craig Crawford, General Manager of Organics by Gosh and Austin Landscape Supplies, commented, “We are delighted to add the employees and high-quality operations of Austin Landscape Supplies to our platform. This company brings several valuable additions to Earth Holdings including two facilities, a portfolio of high-end products, including IPEMA-certified playground mulch, and a proven track record of servicing the North Austin soil and aggregates market.”

Checkmate Capital Group served as strategic advisor to Earth Holdings in the transaction.

About Organics by Gosh

Organics By Gosh is a leading compost, soil and organic waste management operation in the greater Austin, Texas region. Through its Organics Recycling Program, continual commitment to best practices in composting, and an emphasis on giving back to the community, Organics by Gosh has established a reputation for quality soil products and organic waste services. Servicing the City of Austin’s green waste needs, Organics by Gosh demonstrates a commitment to productive use of waste streams, thereby diverting waste away from landfills. With a leading de-packaging operation for food waste streams, Organics by Gosh has achieved an ideal blend of green and food wastes for composting. Our expertise in soil management and ability to continually expand our operations have enabled us to achieve an exceptional focus on developing natural, sustainable products and solutions for soil health. Our solutions provide organic nutrients to plants, water holding capacity for soil, and pest and disease defenses without the use of synthetic chemicals.

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About Earth Holdings

Earth Holdings is a leading soil health and organics waste management platform, which owns Organics by Gosh and Austin Landscape Supplies in the greater Austin, Texas area, and Wittmer Agricycle in Jacksonville, Florida, with extensive service operations in northern Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Earth Holdings strives to be a global leader in non-synthetic soil nutrition and soil revitalization.

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Kevin M. Bolin

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