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The RepTrak Company Announces Acquisition of Checkmate Capital Advised ESG Analytics

March 7, 2022 - Boston, MA - The RepTrak Company, the world’s leading reputation data and insights company, today announced the acquisition of Toronto-based ESG Analytics, a data provider tracking ESG for countries, companies and executives globally.

The acquisition will expand RepTrak’s footprint in the ESG space and accelerate RepTrak’s ESG Strategy by leveraging the overlap between ESG and Reputation to provide a data-driven approach that fills a void in the market.

ESG Analytics is a data, research and analytics platform that uses alternative data and AI to identify and monitor ESG risks in real time, providing an "outside-in" perspective to company ESG analysis. ESG Analytics operates a web platform and API for clients in verticals such as investment management, consulting and academic research.

“RepTrak is a pioneer in measuring the conduct, leadership, sustainability and citizenship of companies around the globe and delivering strategic insights to our clients. Adding fast and explainable data from ESG Analytics to this strong foundation makes for an exciting combination," said Kylie Wright-Ford, CEO at The RepTrak Company.

"ESG Analytics is proud to join the RepTrak family. With a shared ethos of using innovative data sources to benchmark the world around us, I believe that we are stronger together, and can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for the two closely linked domains of ESG and corporate reputation," said ESG Analytics CEO, Qayyum ("Q") Rajan

Checkmate Capital acted as advisor to ESG Analytics.

Rajan will join the RepTrak team, responsible for continuing ESG product development and introducing the solution to companies throughout the Americas.

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